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where crypto and AI intersect

Where Crypto and AI Intersect

The combination of crypto and AI can be applied to many use cases to increase transparency and efficiency. Many “key opinion leaders” left crypto to hop on the AI bandwagon. But the real gigabrains are figuring out where crypto and AI can work together. I recently listened to the an episode of the Unchained Podcast […]

Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Wow, I haven’t blogged here in over 6 months. Sorry about that! I missed you all. Well, I’m back! Anyway, some of you know that I’ve been a fan of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Although they may be overhyped, I’m going to hype it some more. 🙂 I think blockchain is one of the most important […]

Is the startup you’re building big or cool enough?

I think about this a lot. Is WinOptix is a big enough idea? Is my target market big enough? Is the concept interesting or impactful enough? A lot of this “big enough” doubt comes from reading a lot of tech and startup news. “Startup X raises $50 million dollars and now is worth $2 billion.” […]

What I love and hate about learning to code

Since I became an entrepreneur nearly six years ago, I’ve attempted to learn to code a few times but never really stuck with it. I took some online courses learning Ruby on Rails and Javascript (Meteor and Node), but all that knowledge just faded away over time because I failed to continue to work at […]

The plight of the non-technical startup founder

Tech startups are hard. You need all kinds of people to make a startup successful. Depending on the type of product you’re building. who your customer is (consumer vs. enterprise), what stage you’re in, and other factors, you’ll need product leaders, software developers, sales reps, marketers, designers, operators, recruiters, administrators, and many other roles. But […]

The three technologies I’m most excited about in 2018 (aka my favorite buzzwords)

I’ve always been excited about how technology can change our lives, and there’s been a lot of new, almost Star-Trekky changes recently. But I’m most excited about the future of these three technologies and how they’ll gain widespread adoption in 2018. Artificial intelligence AI and machine learning were huge buzzwords the past few years, almost to […]

Slack, distractions, and Twist

If you read this blog, you know that I’m all about finding ways to increase productivity and minimize distractions. And the more and more I use Slack, the more I hate it because it’s a constant stream of distractions. I’m not alone. See here, here, and here. Don’t get me wrong – Slack is an […]

Let Your Personality Shine in Your Product

A couple of years ago, the folks at startup accelerator Y Combinator put on a series of lectures called “How to Start a Startup” at Stanford University. My favorite lecture was lecture 7, “How to Build Products Users Love“, which was presented by Kevin Hale, Founder of online form company Wufoo and now Partner at […]

Testing Mockups Before Coding – Lessons Learned from Past Startups Pt. 4

This is the fourth post I’ve written about some of the mistakes I’ve made with past startups. You can find the other three here: Alignment with Idea – Lessons Learned from Past Startups  Alignment with Co-Founders – Lessons Learned From Past Startups Pt. 2 Real Customer Development – Lessons Learned from Past Startups Pt. 3 […]