It only takes one

one championship

There are a few things in life where it only takes one, and then you’re pretty much set.

But these things are really hard to achieve.

A sports championship. A strong marriage. A successful startup exit.

So many things have to go right in order to attain these accomplishments.

There are so many great pro athletes who haven’t won championships. Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins was one of the most prolific QBs of all time and couldn’t win a Super Bowl. Patrick Ewing of the NY Knicks is one of the all-time great centers, and he never won an NBA title. Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals has been the NHL’s best scorer since he’s been in the league and hasn’t yet raised the Stanley Cup. Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox may be the best MLB hitter ever and never captured a World Series.

Getting a date is pretty easy, finding the right spouse is hard. You need to be able to connect with someone on multiple levels, and the other person needs to be able to connect with you. You have to be attracted to each other, physically and emotionally. And your lives have to be in the same stage, or it won’t work.

It is so hard to build a successful business and sell it or go public. Over 90% of startups fail, and many more won’t ever see an exit. That’s a tough pill to swallow.

All of these are so difficult to achieve because they require hard work, a great team (yes, you and your spouse should be a team), and good timing. If one of these factors are off, it will be tough to find success.

But because it’s so hard to obtain these accomplishments, it may only take one to be happy and satisfied.

And that makes them worth fighting for.

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